My Mom and I :)

My Mom and I :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog

I had an old blog, a long time ago, which was quite involved.  I deleted it because of an "ex" issue.

Well, I am Amy, a single mom of an 11 year old boy named Daniel, and a 3 month old girl named Olivia.  I live in Nanaimo, Canada with my two children, in a two bedroom basement suite.  Not ideal, but it works for now as Livi is still little.  I have a nice big fenced yard so that is one of the main reasons I am staying where I am for now. 

We just got new neighbours upstairs a few days back.  A young couple with 3 little kids... which means I hear a lot of running back and forth above my head all day long.  Daniel likes having kids live here, as it means he always has someone to play with.

Okay, time to put some pictures of my kiddos on here !

 This was Daniel at 3 months old

 This is Olivia at 3 months

And now for an updated one of them both ..

This is a professional picture I had done a few weeks ago =)