My Mom and I :)

My Mom and I :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Long time, busy life

Well been a long time since I have done anything with this here.  Olivia is now 6 months old !  Holy shit time flies !  I have been quite busy lately too. See if I can sum things up without making turning this in to a novel.

I have been separated from my ex for 8 months now. He has come over to see Olivia once, and come over to see me a few times.  More like to give me money for our daughter, but then when he is here, he goes on and on about the shit going on in his life (as if I actually cared about it) .. and never asks to see his daughter, or even hold her.  It's really sad, but then again, he is really sad.

His ex-wife and him have a son together, and I have contacted her and met up with her and their son.  We have introduced the kids to each other, and have let them play.  She has a lot of insight and good information about my ex that helped me to understand a bit more than I did.  I dated this guy for almost 4 years, and honestly, I guess I barely knew him.

My Mom is doing okay right now.  We have had some set backs, and some scary moments, but right at this moment, she is doing okay.  She will never get better, but she is still here, so that is all that matters at this point. The longer I can keep her around, the happier I will be. This whole dealing with cancer on a daily basis and up and personal, sure has kept me from starting up smoking again.  I haven't smoked in over a year now ! Yay me !!   I don't think I will ever go back to it.

My son has started grade 6 now !  I can't quite believe he is nearly old enough to be in grade 6 already.  It's amazing how fast time goes on, and there is nothing you can do to slow it down any.  He is quite the character !  He is amazing with his sister too !  The best big brother I could ever ask him to be !

Well .. the kids have been sick for the last 4 days, and now I have their cold .. so I am going to stop typing for now, and relax for awhile.

Hopefully will remember to update more later.  I want to talk about our summer vacation, and bitch more about my ex lol