My Mom and I :)

My Mom and I :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meltdown in a bathroom

Last night my son went for a sleepover at one of his friends. I had a movie night with myself !  I went on to Netflix as I hadn't used it for awhile, and was pleasantly surprised that they had updated the movies on it.  I watched a movie called The Greatest.   It was so good !  It was about a teenage boy and a teenage girl whom had shared one day together, but had crushed after the other one for years. The day they shared, they both lost their virginities to the other. When he was driving her home, they got in a car accident and he was killed. She went to his house 3 months later to tell the parents that she was pregnant with his child.

She moved in with them. They all helped each other to grieve over him.

It was a really good movie.

I went to get ready for bed, and found some pictures that were in a plastic box. They were my mom's pictures, from her house. I started going through them, and had a total meltdown. Crying and sobbing so loudly and violently. This continued for probably 15 minutes or so. Even wandered in to the bathroom to go pee, and still crying. Stand up and crumble to the wall, banging my hands and bawling my eyes out.

Then I felt better. All of a sudden, I felt better. As if it never happened !


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